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Global Cryptocurrency Regulatory Landscape Study

This research report provides a global comparative analysis of cryptocurrency regulation around the world. It examines the evolution of cryptocurrency regulation and the current regulatory regime in different jurisdictions.

Token Sale 101 - Legal Series - How to Structure Your ICO?

Series 1 What Is the Best Legal Structure for Launching ICO? (Chinese Only)


It is a common practice that issuers launch ICOs in the form of foundations rather than corporations or LLCs. This article examines the differences between the two ICO legal structures and illustrates the underlying rationale behind the foundations.

Token Sale 101 - Legal Series - How to Structure Your ICO?

Series 2 Non-issues in Token Offering Structures (Chinese Only)


If we delve deep, many so-called hot topics relating to token offering structures turn out to be non-issues. This article is intended to help readers distinguish those non-issues and therefore focus on addressing the real problems.

Token Sale 101 - Legal Series - How to Structure Your ICO?

Series 3 Common Practices for ICO Structuring (Chinese Only)


Separating the issuer company (ICO Company) and the operating entity/Company is the commonly used structure when considering doing an ICO. This article introduces the most common considerations in ICO structuring.  

Token Sale 101 - Legal Series - How to Structure Your ICO?

Series 4 Tax Consideration in Token Offering (Chinese Only)


Notwithstanding the unprecedented surge of ICO activity, tax considerations remain vital to both ICO investors and providers. This article gives an insight into the tax regime for ICOs in Singapore. 

On Writing Whitepapers


Token sale, or more commonly called initial coin offering (ICO), is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital economy. While many steps are involved in a token sale, one key part is the preparation of a whitepaper, a conceptual document with the aim of getting investors and participants interested in the project. In this article, we will solely explain how to go about preparing a whitepaper and share some best practices.

Tokenomics I


A robust tokenomic model is critical to the sustainability of ICOs. Providing powerful insights into how the tokenomics work in whitepapers can help improve the credibility of ICOs, calming criticism and concerns about speculative bubbles.

Tokenomics II


Tokenomics covers a broad range of topics around token design. Among those, we are going to address three key macro issues hereinafter: the token value, liquidity and volatility.

Tokenomics III


In this chapter, we will look at how to precisely engineer the token economy and deliver a viable business model for the long run. To this end, three topics will be covered below, the utility design, incentives mechanism and token distribution.

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